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It’s been awhile, once again!! I should really be better at this!!

28 Jul

About a year and half ago, I met a girl I’ll never forget. She was amazing! Probably one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever met in my life. We’ll call her Ruthie. She was troubled. She had a real rough upbringing. Nothing in life ever seemed to go right for her. She had to work so hard for everything. She tried her best to keep her chin up. As life got harder and harder, Ruthie couldn’t take it anymore. She got so depressed and started self harming herself. She was suicidal. Things were really desperate. She landed herself in the psyche ward at a hospital. The staff was great and Ruthie got the care she needed! After 36 years, Ruthie was diagnosed with bipolar disease. It was hard to swallow but she was glad she finally had a proper diagnosis. Ruthie’s week stay at the hospital appeared to be an awakening! She would continue on with outpatient care for four weeks. One of the best experiences of her life. Again, Ruthie learned so much about herself and met all kinds of people. Ruthie still battles bouts of depression, mania and anxiety, but with professional help and meds, she does lead a pretty normal life. She also has a great support system which is key in recovery. If anything, I hope this story helps someone out there! Feel free to ask questions or comment if you like! : )