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I realized the other day….

20 Feb

I’m a 37 year old mother of three.  Happily married.  I didn’t have much of a childhood.  So I feel like I’ve tried to compensate for that for most of my adult years.  A couple of weeks ago I was looking at my clothes and shoes.  I will admit I did gain a few pounds due to some medications I had been taking.  So my clothes don’t fit and I have a bunch of t-shirts that my teenager should be wearing.  I was looking at my shoes(I have a million pairs).  Again, some of them should be worn by a teenager.  I have finally comed to terms with the fact that I am 37 and should be dressing appropriately(I’ve already cut down way down on the truck driver mouth).  I think is hard for some of us to change over to the next role of our lives.  Especially when you have small kids. You want to be young and hip.  You can be that way as long as you go about it the right way. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m having a mid-life crisis.  But then I realize I am who I am and it’s ok to be me!  Stay confident and don’t let anyone tear you down!!  Life life for what it is and enjoy every day’s blessings.  


Fish out of water

18 Feb

I would try to get a hold of a cell phone. Then I would call someone to wire me money.

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17 Feb

I’m that person in my family too!! Sucks until you write them all off!! : – )


Or at least that’s how it appears. If someone has a problem they come to me to fix it. I’m always putting band-aids on everyone’s boo-boos.

Right now I am getting ready to take one of my older sisters to our Emergency Room for an admit to the State Hospital Psych Ward. She’s an alcoholic, manic-bipolar, meth head who is also the single mother of two young children. So my week will be filled with kids and I will be missing out on a lot of work… right after I buy a new car. This whole situation reminds me of one of my first calls as an EMT. Not surprisingly it was to pick up my sister who texted her child’s father that she took all of her medications, every last pill, and she was sleepy. She happened to have both children with her. I hope she will be able…

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What the hell is wrong with people?!

15 Feb

Seriously! What the hell is wrong with people? They do stupid things, they ask stupid questions. I just don’t have time for it(or the patience). I try to stay away from these problem children. I think they should be monitored. Or maybe sent to an island of their own. There’re on the roads, at the grocery store, in the mall. Everywhere! It’s completely unavoidable. They make promises they can’t keep. They tell you what you want to hear. There’s no way around it! I had two cases of stupidness this morning. Within a half hour! If I could write a book about stupid people, it would be as thick as a Harry Potter novel! Is it me? Really? You only get one chance at life, don’t blow it with stupidity, PLEASE!!