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Me vs. Life

29 Dec

Life is so precious and shortly lived. Why is it that a family member has to pass away for us to be reminded of this? Life is so beautiful. I may not feel like this every day, but that’s ok. I’m human. Looking at someone on life support is one of the hardest things to do. The pain, the emotion can be too much to take. I felt like I had to put my mental illness on hold. I had to be strong as I knew what was coming. My life lately has been very difficult, however it seemed pretty insignificant for the last two days. It’s impossible to go back to normal(what’s normal?) life until you say your last goodbyes. I’ve lost so many people near and dear to my heart and it never gets easier, of course. I’ve been so emotional lately, which is not like me. I’m just struggling through life and hoping something will change. Which is so insignificant right now. I will go to a wake, I will go to a funeral. Anxiety running high accompanied by tears. Tears for the lost, tears for the loved ones, tears for the fear I have of my life ending. So please, tell the ones you love ‘I love you’ and hug them as much as you can. It may be the last time….