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I’m human too, you know

29 Jul

Please don’t treat me like a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe

Please don’t yell at me, it hurts my ears

Please don’t walk by me when you see me in distress

Please don’t laugh at me if I’ve made a mistake

Please do not say words to me that are hurtful

Please don’t go around spreading lies about me

Please don’t pretend like I’m not even here….

I am human, I bleed like everyone else


It’s time….

27 Jul

How do the last minutes of our lives go? Are they sad? Are they happy? Are they tragic? Or are they just quiet? When you are in the presence of someone who is dying, do you wonder what is going through their mind? How about yours? Is your heart breaking? Are you doing what you are supposed to do? Or think you should do? Do you feel alone or loved by those around you? Are there tears or just thoughts of guilt? You hate hospitals, but why can’t you tear yourself away when you are there? It’s that endless feeling of I could have done more. Why didn’t I do more? Now you play the waiting game….


20 Jul

Who knew a Maltese would like cherries? He’s a silly little dog that just turned eleven. He likes all kinds of foods. But cherries?? Really?? Sometimes Benji reminds me that life is simple and to keep it that way. Everyday seems like such a struggle for someone like me. Mental illness is that white elephant in the room, everyone knows it’s there but is afraid to mention it. There is so much in this world that is wrong. I have such a tough time with the fact that there is such a stigma associated with mental illness. We are just like everyone else, people just need to realize it. No one likes to be treated like an outsider, a nobody, like they are less than perfect. No one is perfect. It’s hard, but we do it everyday despite the difficulty.