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9 Sep

What is wrong with people? Let me explain. I got into this lovely text war with a former friend today. Her and I used to be really good friends. She was one of the only people who stuck by me after I went to the hospital. We are talking about 4 years ago now. I confided so much to her. I felt like she was all I had. Then there was this day we got into a disagreement. Things were never the same after that. She and her family moved out of state a little over a year ago. She visited this summer and I never heard from her. Which was ok. She called, we had a 10-15 conversation about a week ago. Today this conversation would come back to bite me in the a**. Of all weeks, it’s the Anniversary for a very tragic event in my life that happened 7 years ago. So the last few days have been really difficult. But I’ve been managing. Then this happened today. I was called a liar, a cheat. Two things I am not. I really didn’t know how I felt for most of the day. At first I was really upset then I got angry and just numb to it. I was lucky to be with a good friend at this time who was there to support me. It just goes to show you, you really can’t trust anyone!! It’s so unfortunate that people like her prey on the mentally ill for their own gain. She is a bully and I will no longer take part of any communication with her. I literally have one friend who has the same diagnosis as me and there are things I haven’t even told her in fear of where it could lead. No family, no friends….makes for a lonely life. But I have my husband and kids, for them, I am grateful!!