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When is it ok?

2 Feb

I’ve always tried my best to be a strong advocate for mental illness, for myself and others. But I find that it bites me in the biscuits every time. I have become a bit of a recluse. It’s easier than dealing with the pain of rejection. I’ve lost a lot of friends and feel that people look at me differently. What are they really afraid of? Can they catch it? Will I flip out and go nuts? Or do they just not want to be associated with someone who is suffering from mental illness? They don’t understand. It makes me sad and I feel very lonely. There really isn’t a way to make people understand. It’s just unfortunate when people that you were close to don’t even talk to you. It really makes things worse for us. How are we supposed to spread awareness? How are we supposed to stop the stigma? I can’t give up. I will fight on the best I can. I am who I am and nothing can change that. I want others to know its ok to have a mental illness, it doesn’t make you a bad person.