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the struggle is real…

19 Jul

Two years and two months ago, I got my right middle finger caught in a door jamb. Three opinions later and it is determined that I need reconstructive surgery to repair the damage. Financial difficulties and other personal things have kept me from getting my finger repaired. Finally coming to a place where I am financially able and maybe not so emotional ready, I made the appointment. It’s been almost a week since my surgery. It’s pretty painful. I failed to mention this injury is on my right hand, middle finger of all fingers! I am right handed. So it has been a bit of a challenge. My thoughts and emotions are directed at those who struggle with limb lose, debilitating injuries and those who have lost what cannot be gotten back. It makes me sad, breaks my heart. I look at my finger and think ‘there are so many people out there suffering worse than I am!’  I know we all go through things and we all handle things different. This has been a long journey for me. I pray that God guides me and leads me through the difficult times. Sometimes He is all we need. The support and love from family and friends has been amazing! I know I will get through this. Sharing my story is another way for me to heal. Dealing with mental illness and having this injury has taught me so much about myself. And what I am capable of! So don’t feel sorry for me. Just say a prayer and know that I will be ok!