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19 May

I am a huge Celtics fan.  Being from Boston, how could you not be.  They are in the playoffs and are playing amazing.  They suffered a nasty loss last night.  It was a tough game to watch toward the end.  Basketball is my favorite sport.  I’m not quite sure what I am going to do when the season is officially over.  The Red Sox are bombing this season.  So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to follow them.  I’m not much of a TV watcher anymore or like I used to be.  Sports have become my thing.  Sure, I enjoyed watching sports before, but now I’m really into it.  I’m going to have to find something else to occupy my time.  The Celtics are an amazing team and I hope they don’t make too many changes to the line up before next year.  I just don’t want it to end.  But all good things must come to an end….